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English Freemasonry in South Africa North

The District Grand Lodge of South Africa North under the United Grand Lodge of England has about one hunderd Lodges under its jurisdiction. Geographically it encompasses Gauteng, Limpopo, North West Province, Mpumalanga, Swaziland, Botswana and Mauritius.

Upcoming Meetings

DateTimeNo. LodgePlaceWorkingNotes
Mon 2020-03-0219:305949 Orphic LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown Masonic Lecture (Masons only) Initiation to Raising: Reflections on the Journey thus far.
Wed 2020-03-0419:157327 University LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown Installation (Proclamation)
Thu 2020-03-0519:153461 Vereeniging Peace LodgeVereeniging Masonic Hall Installation (Past Master)
Wed 2020-03-1119:303215 Temperance LodgeJohannesburg Orange Grove Raising (3rd Degree)
Wed 2020-03-1119:303149 Norwood LodgeJohannesburg Norwood Raising (3rd Degree)
Mon 2020-03-1619:003745 Witwatersrand LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown To be announced
Wed 2020-03-1818:307815 Bryanston LodgeJohannesburg Bryanston CC Initiation (1st Degree)
Mon 2020-03-2319:156143 Transvaal Jubilee LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown Installation (Past Master)
Wed 2020-04-1518:307815 Bryanston LodgeJohannesburg Bryanston CC Initiation (1st Degree) Bryanston Scout Hall
Mon 2020-05-1118:302748 Clifton LodgeFreemasons Hall, Parktown Raising (3rd Degree)
Number of Meetings listed = 10

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